“The soul of the sluggard desireth and haths nothing, but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.” Proverbs. 13:14

There is no such things as failure unless and until we accept it as such, give up and call it quits. This is what happens to the majority when the going becomes tough. Not so to the strong willed for they know that failure is but temporary; a time to gather up until the desired success is achieved is what separates boys from man. Whoever must get to the top must be ready to climb up. Climbing is not an easy task but it does not mean it is impossible. Mount Everest is reputed to be the highest mountain in the world, yet men have climbed it. Also, river Mississippi is the longest river, men traced it to is source. That means that no assignment is too tough for the one who is ready and determined to succeed.

There is no failure for a man whose spirit is unconquerable. As long as there is life, there remains the opportunity to succeed in it. The larger our losses, the larger we must develop our manhood to soar above them. One major ingredient you need in developing yourself is idea; that is creative thinking. There are three major sources of ideas; from God through inspiration; from the mind as you think thoughtfully and from others as you read or listen to them. You must never run out of ideas in whatever you do because ideas rule the world. The man that gives up easily is not likely to amount to much, even if he had everything. Quitters never win. Do not ever give up on your mission no matter the challenges. If a road is blocked, try another route. If a person disappoints, someone else will be useful, so go on; do it again and again until it is done. Receive God’s grace to succeed in your endeavors in Jesus Name.

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