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Life is the sweetest and greatest gift God has given to man. Yet to some it is pleasure, and to others it is pain and hopelessness. There are many living in pain; dejection, hopelessness and despair only hoping someone may come to their aid some day

This is accomplished through partnership with sister churches in Europe, organizing teaching programs. seminars, crusades etc. we also send books and tracts to reach the un-reached in Europe
Jesus commended those that were on his right hand to come into his rest, for when they saw him naked they clothed him, and when he was hungry, they fed him and while he was sick and in the hospital they visited with him. (Matthew 25:40). The people were amazed trying to recall when they did all that and the Lord said. In as much as you did it to the least of the brethren, you have done it unto the Lord? (Matthew 25:35-40).

The least of the brethren are the less privileged in our society today; the materially and financially distressed in our nation, the hunger stricken children of Sudan, Djibouti and Democratic Republic of Congo. The hopeless and impoverished brethren in India, Haiti and other parts of the world. We are persuaded that when we set aside a little of the financial and material grace of God upon us to give a soul just a meal, we can be sure, the Lord will be pleased with us and will secure a place at his right hand.
In this ministry, we define the grace of God as God's riches to the less privileged at Christ's expense. People spend so much on animals while the less fortunate are dying by the thousands daily of starvation.

We see the church and not the government as the only bridge of hope for the needy and the distressed; hence we have made ourselves available to the Lord for this purpose.