The right to an excellent life, marriage, business, career and ministry is yours. Mediocrity is far below your standard. Life's excellence requires a stepping up in knowledge to light up your path accordingly.

Christlove Bible Institute holds the key to your quest for the fullfillment of your God-dream life. At Christlove Bible Institute, Life's champions are raised through thorough teachings, of practical, age-long biblical principles. CBI is a place for your all-around equiping for a destiny of dignity. All of life's riddles are solved at CBI. Kings and Queens, Commanders of riches and wealth, men and women that Satan has no hold on, are raised at CBI. CBI programs are structured in such a way that, even the busiest executives, self employed, students, and business people can attend.


This structured for the people whose busy schedules sometimes interfere with their desire to be their best for Christ. It's a weekend program that runs on Saturdays and Sundays only for the duration for six months


This program is designed for people whose hunger for God propel them to sacrifice their morning hours of 9am to 11am for times in a week to pursue their passion for deeper insight in Christ. The duration of this intensive program is three months.


The Anointed lectures/teachers are drawn from ministries from within the kingdom, with proven callings and enviable evidences. Lecturers whose passion is to impact students to be high flyers in all areas of human endeavors; men and women with great depth in God.


The syllabus of CBI came by inspiration of God to make God-like men. Courses that have power to birth instant change of life and levels are delivered at CBI.


Fees are near free in comparism with the wealth of knowledge for a stress free life that shall be acquired


Learner friendly air-conditioned class rooms are provided at CBI for all levels of students. An array of books for productive Christian research are available at CBI E-book Center.


This study program is designed for all who passionately desire to step up in God through Indepth knowledge of His Word, in other to walk through life manifesting the power of Christ in all spheres but can't be in school physically. The distance learning(online) covers a period of six months duration with relevant course materials and once in a month one on one video lectures. you can sit in your office or home and attend the Bible School. A Minimal fee of Forty Thousand Naira(N40, 000) or it's equivalent in your national currency is paid for this. This fee covers, course materials, examination fees and tuition.

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